It Might Get Loud: 3 Things To Expect With Your First Hearing Aid

13 July 2022
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Having a hearing aid put in can be an emotional experience for many who have long suffered from hearing loss or hearing impairment in some way. With this incredible technology, you can now be able to hear those around you in a whole new way. It is helpful to be mindful that there might be some unexpected outcomes when it comes to getting a hearing aid so it's best to be fully prepared for your experience. Here are just a few things you should know beforehand that will make the addition of a hearing aid into your life a positive experience. 

Learning the Basics

When you meet with your audiologist, expect a thorough appointment that will completely guide you through your new hearing aid. A hearing test and a fitting will be completed to ensure that you're receiving the right device for your hearing needs. When being fitted for your hearing aid, let the audiologist know of any discomfort, and don't feel embarrassed to say so. After all, this will be worn for a large portion of your day and so it should be as comfortable as possible. How to care for your hearing aid, battery replacement and storage options will also be discussed to help you be as prepared as possible. Just be sure to be vocal about anything you feel a little confused about and you'll be good to go. 

Expect Some Noise

When turning on your hearing aid for the first time, many patients report an influx of noise that might not be expected. The sources for this can be a combination of feedback, background noise, and simply not being used to hearing things at a normal volume. While some of this extra sound is completely expected, some might be caused by issues such as a buildup of earwax. This is why it's extremely important to be as transparent as possible when telling your doctor what you're hearing and experiencing. Over time, most of these more extreme noises will lesson and the hearing process will become a lot easier the more you get used to your hearing aid device. 

Tell Others About Your Hearing Aid

Having a hearing aid will have a dramatic effect on your future conversations with others. While before, you may have had to read lips, you might now find conversations to be overwhelmingly loud. Again, the loudness factor will diminish with time but it is still a good idea to be upfront about your needs. Explain to those around you that with the new hearing aid, it might be more comfortable to speak in a lower tone. Speaking with others in a quiet environment will also help you succeed in your conversations as well as facing those you speak with. Be rest assured your loved ones will be more than willing to be patient with you as you learn the ins and outs of your new hearing aid.  

For more information about hearing aids, contact a local ENT doctor.